Who can take part in the study?

People who were eligible to take part in the study

The people that took part in this study were:

  • adults (over 18 years old) with throat symptoms that do not easily get better
  • people who have NOT taken any medication for their symptoms for four weeks before they start taking the study drug or dummy drug


People who were NOT eligible to take part in the study

The following people were not able to take part: 

  • those who do not wish to have a flexible laryngoscopy (photograph from inside) of their throat
  • those who are not able to complete the questionnaires for any reason.  
  • those diagnosed with head and neck or throat cancer,
  • those who use their voice professionally eg opera singers,
  • those who are allergic to the type of medicine used in the trial
  • those with liver failure, those taking clopidogrel (used to prevent heart attack or stroke), warfarin, Phenytoin (used to manage seizures), or some antifungal treatments. 
  • those who are HIV positive or taking antiviral medicines 
  • those who are pregnant or breastfeeding